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Sphinx documentation snippets manager.


Documentations in Sphinx can be parsed into doctree (In other words, Abstract Syntax Tree), all contents of documents are parsed into node of this tree. The Extension collects snippets (doctree nodes) during the build phase of Sphinx, and provide a Command Line Tool for your accessing.

For more details, please refer to Introduction

Getting Started


We assume you already have a Sphinx documentation, if not, see Getting Started with Sphinx.

First, downloading extension from PyPI:

$ pip install sphinxnotes-snippet

Then, add the extension name to extensions configuration item in your conf.py:

extensions = [
          # …
          # …

Make sure you have snippet command in your $PATH. Rebuild documentation (make build), then invoke snippet stat, the project name is expected to be seen in output.


The Sphinx Notes Project

The project is developed by Shengyu Zhang, as part of The Sphinx Notes Project.

The Sphinx Notes Project